leaf gutters australia sc164650The benefits of installing leaf gutters are many and different.

It is worth investing in such drain channels as they will prevent rainwater damage to your home, lower your maintenance costs and preserve the value of your property.

They offer excellent protection from pests, birds and rodents as well. No other preventive measure can provide such a high level of combined protection.

Leaf Gutters Pest Protection

If you decide to use regular gutters, they will eventually become clogged with leaves and other debris. The rainwater will overflow and creep inside the timber other structures of the house all the way to the bottom. That way, it will create the perfect medium for termites. They will move

to the moist soil and up the tiny channels which the water has dug out in the timber of the house. Termites can destroy the timbers in a newly constructed building within three months. It may take them longer to damage the ones in your home, but you will certainly end up replacing them
and paying for the extermination of the pests.

With leaf gutters in place, such a problem will not occur. These have a mesh cover which goes over the drain channel. This cover lets water in, but prevents debris from entering the channel. As the cover is installed at an angle, the debris will just slide down. All the rainwater will be effectively collected and taken to the bottom of the system. Thus, you will have effective protection from termites as well.

Leaf Gutters Bird and Rodent Protection

Birds find gutters extremely attractive to nest in especially during the dry season. Their eggs and young inevitably attract predators, which include rats and possums. While the birds can make your house unsightly with their droppings all over the place, rodents can pose a greater risk. They
are known to reproduce quickly and to spread all kinds of disease. They can cause damage to property. Rats, in particular, feed on virtually anything.

It makes financial sense to invest in leaf gutters to protect your home from birds and rodents. Just imagine how much you will have to pay for the extermination of rats. Add to this cost the cost of repairing and replacing damaged property such as books and wooden objects. You will save
considerably if you take preventive measures and put your money in a leaf gutter system that is reliable, durable and affordable.

The purpose of leaf gutters is to protect your home and respectively your family. The sooner you have them in place the better.

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