leaf-guttersWhen you install leaf gutters, your home will be well protected from damage caused by rainwater.

This, however, is not the only benefit that you will enjoy.

The people living in your house will be much better protected from various kinds of illnesses and injuries.

Leaf Gutters Prevent Mould

The main purpose of the leaf gutter system is to keep leaves and other vegetation debris out of the drain channel and away from the roof. As a result, no wet plant mass will be compiled where it does not belong.

Such a mass is the ideal medium for the growth of mould especially when the weather is warm.

If you do not use leaf gutters, but a regular drain channel system, the rainwater can easily overflow because of clogging. When it reaches the timbers and walls of your house and remains there, mould can grow on the moist spots and spread extremely quickly.

Mould is known to cause allergies. Usually, they go away as soon as it is removed. However, sometimes they leave permanent consequences in the form of asthma and other respiratory problems.

You can protect your family from such dangers with the right rainwater draining system.

Leaf Gutters Prevent Pest Problems

Open drain channels can attract birds, which in turn can attract rodents. As you know, rodents and particularly rats spread disease which can affect all organs of the body and even be lethal.

Besides that, they are hard to exterminate once they settle in.

Clogged open drain channels allow for rainwater to remain inside instead of being carried to the ground. Thus, a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of insects including mosquitoes is created. These can also spread disease.

The risk of illnesses spread by rodents and insects can be reduced considerably with the installation of leaf gutters. With the right drainage system in place, the long-term protection from such pests will cost you very little and possibly nothing.

Once the system is installed, it will keep on working perfectly without much maintenance. Leaf gutters are the ideal solution for preventing property damage and protecting your family from serious health risks.

For more information on how to protect the wellbeing of your family through the use of leaf gutters, contact us at Leafbusters today!

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